Earrings for Holidays

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Earrings for Holidays is a site a made to display earrings I sell with my wife for Christmas.



  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • CSS


  • GIMP
  • Figma


My wife has been selling Christmas earrings as a side hustle for a while and I have been a silent partner for the last few years. I make a lot of earrings but I am not the best ambassador for ladies holiday jewlery. You have to respect my hustle for having a Christmas earring business as a lifelong athiest. I think it makes it more fun.


I wanted to be able to display the stock of earrings that we had without going into the complexities of making an entire eccomerce solution.


I took all of the pictures for this site. This was my first attempt setting up images for an eccomerce site. Mine are not perfect but I gained a new respect for photographers. At least the earring didn't cry and complain, only me.

Eventual Upgrades:

Covid messed up the earring business in person so we plan to add e-commerce function hopefully by next holiday season. It would also be great to update the items in a more programatic way.


I put the store on Square. We have a full e-ccomerce solution. They take care of the shopping cart and inventory functionality. It isn't as good as a full stack solution as far as performance and user experience but it on the free version as of now. Want to see the full-stack version? Go on there and buy me out of earrings and I will stop everything and make it.

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