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Formal Flamingo is a static web design agency website built with Gatsby.js and hosted on Netlify.



  • Gatsby
  • React
  • SCSS


  • GIMP
  • Figma

History: was one of the first domains I purchased when I began learning web development. It may be too long, weird, and came from a name generator of some kind but, it holds a place in my heart. There have been several generations of it. I will start with this particular project and show you its evolution at the end.

Once I learn enough to code my own static HTML sites I started trying to make this website in 2017. There were a lot of versions that were never launched that look horrible but here are some of the ones I could find and have the code for.

You have to start somewhere. I am writing this well after the fact and I cringe looking at the final product and it has only been a couple of years. "Jason you are not still the guy who used all those weird css classes." I just needed to tell myself that.


My goals were to take this website off a subscription shared hosting service and put it on something free. I also wanted to be able to push changes and use React which I had just started working at the time. I am redesigning and moving from static html pages so this is going to be a complete overhaul.


Gastby.js: I chose gatsby on sitting inside on a mall on black friday waiting for my wife to get through the line in a candle store. I had already read about static site generators and Netlify and read the documentation while walking in the mall. I wonder if that is what the other people sitting around me were doing on thier phones too. It would have been good to have collaborated.


Learning gatsby contained a few hickups like anything else but it is straight forward and well documented. Gatsby images is powerful but also kind of a pain in the ass so beware. I never got it right in the blog of this project. This is also the first project I used a Github workflow and Netlify for hosting.

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