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Jason Weather is the only site in the world where you can find out what the weather is like where I am.



  • Vanilla Javascript
  • jscolor
  • CSS


  • GIMP
  • Figma


My weather.com account got stuck on Washington DC for some reason. I would change it and on my next login "Looks like it is going to be super cold tonight." "No, it is telling me the weather in Washington DC.... again."

I made this project because I wanted to find an API to use in a useful way and I wanted to know the weather.


I wanted to use a weather API to find the weather where I am. I do not want to waste any time setting it up so you can find out what the weather is like where you are. I do not care what the weather is like where you are.


I used the OPENWEATHERMAP API's all in one call to get all the options I wanted. I used latitude longitude for the most accurate results. The background and icons render conditionally based on the weather results. If you try to find a way to get your weather you will only find insults.


I didn't immediately think about API key security when I thought of this vane weather project. I used LAMBDA to do the secret stuff so it doesn't show up in my repository or frontend. This was my first attempt at using a JSON API to populate my frontend. I have to push changes if I go somewhere. I could probably find a way for it to track me but I am not trying to make it that easy for any potential assassination attempts.

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